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Flash Add-on Kit

This add-on kit is an upgrade and requires an Entry Kit, or Pro Kit to work.
NOTE: This Add-on Kit is currently being sold with our blue covers.

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  • Outex-underwater-camera-housing-flash-add-on-kit

What's in the box?

Flash Cover

Flash Lens

Flash Glove


Entry kits and Pro kits have the same integrity and work with all the same add-on kits. The only differences are the rear LCD viewfinder and wrist strap included with the Pro Kit. The Entry kit does not have a circular glass rear LCD viewfinder on the back of the cover. Making it more tactile, but users may not be able to clearly see focus when reviewing photos. The LCD "window" on the Pro Kit allow's professionals to review the integrity of specific focus points, settings, or colors without the obstruction of the cover.
Yes. As seen in many customers images online and on our the site, when installed correctly Outex products provide a completely waterproof seal. Outex’s patented waterproof design is IP08 tested to 10meters or about 33 feet deep. Outex is ideal for rain, dust, dirt, mud, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, and it works well even under water. Outex products were not designed as deep-diving or scuba gear,and it does not protect your equipment against severe underwater pressure nor extreme conditions, such as high impact, high-surf (6ft +), direct impact from paint-ball pellets, etc. Outex does not guarantee against damages incurred from such extreme conditions.
Outex supports all major brands and models. Please use our automated online store to BUILD YOUR KIT. The automated process automatically recommends the right Outex solutions based on your equipment and needs. It also automates shipping calculations based on weight and dimensions of your order and shipping address. If you don’t see your model listed, chose the one most similar, or contact The Outex system consists of 3 parts; Housings, Optics, and Accessories. Housings are molded to contour all major camera brands and accommodate different body sizes (dimensions specifications are in the Learn->Product page). The Optics anchor the housings to the camera’s filter thread and viewing windows, or you can use the mirrorless viewfinder. And accessories include a host of modular attachments that accommodates lighting (flash), tripods, wide-angle lenses, straps, triggers, tethers, etc.
Yes. The system is modular. 1. Housings come in different sizes to accommodate camera body shapes and types; 70, 80, 100, 110, 130, etc. A larger housing will always work with smaller cameras. There’s just left-over space inside the housing. And all housings accommodate most lenses up to 300mm zoom. If you’re using a very large telezoom lens above 300 mm, you’ll need our largest housing – Cover 130, 130L, 130T, etc – but even Cover 110 works for many of the larger lenses. 2. Optics match to the camera at the viewfinder end, and to the filter thread size at the lens port. Outex optical lenses range from 27mm thread size to 200mm thread size. It also works with 3rd party adaptors such as step up rings. 3. The accessories compliment the system and serve multiple purposes, tripods, lighting (flash), holding straps, securing floating optics, etc. If/when you decide to add more Outex products to your portfolio, our components are designed to work interchangeably, so you don’t need to re-invest in an entire new kit every time you upgrade your camera, or add a lens.
Outex products are ideal for outside shooting, because they completely isolate exterior elements from the camera, but maintain all functional control and feel of the camera and maximize tactile feedback. Because Outex is lightweight and compact, it can accompany the photographer or cinematographer year round anywhere the camera goes tucked in a case pocket, and installed when needed in minutes. There are benefits to point & shoot or GoPro cameras, but they do not offer the quality, resources, or imaging and functional controls of an SLR. From a housing perspective, solutions fall into 2 categories: bags and cases. Bags are cheap and clumsy, and so are the results. Hard cases yield good photo results, but are bulky, heavy, and start around $1,400 dollars. Outex is an affordable alternative combining the best of each world: professional results, light weight, compact size, and functional control.
Weather you are buying a kit for the first time, or additional products for your Outex kit, additional lenses can be found here. Select the filter thread size for your other lenses and simply add to your cart. If you need multiple lenses in one order, just repeat the steps above.

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