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US Armed Forces Rely on Outex for Extreme Photography Needs in Any Environment

The armed forces need reliable gear that delivers.  And they rely on the Outex underwater system for their image-capturing needs around the globe.  Outex supplies gear to a few military customers in the UK, Australia, Brazil, and the Netherlands as well.  And those are the units we know about.  As you can imagine, these are secretive units that limit the amount of information and images they are willing to share with the public.  The nature of their work includes everything from training to strategic recognizance.  Aside from military service men & women around the globe, Outex also sells to the US Coast Guard, the U. S. Nuclear Commission (National Laboratory), and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), and several members...

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Swimming with Sharks and Chris Gillette of @GatorBoys_Chris in Florida 2018

Swimming with Sharks and Chris Gillette of @GatorBoys_Chris in Florida 2018.  I recently visited our friend, marine biologist, and ambassador Chris Gillette in South Florida. Chris is a marine biologist and animal lover that was born and raised in south Florida. To call Chris an alligator wrestler would only partially describe his many talents. He’s more of an alligator whisperer, who also happens to charm snakes, sharks, and other local native species of the area. You can learn more about Chris in our Pro page profile. So when Chris invited me to go for a swim with sharks off the coast with a few of his friends it was an offer I could not resist. 

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Mango Street First Adventures with Outex Underwater Photography

Mango Street First Adventures with Outex Underwater Photography.   Daniel and Rachel of YouTube's Mango Street channel discovered Outex this year and had their first underwater portrait photography experience at the beginning of 2018.  Great fun meeting them and collaborating on this first video.  Looking forward to doing more together in multiple environmental conditions.  California is the perfect setting for adventures in water, rain, mud, dirt, sand, beach, or deserts and we expect new experiences as the summer approaches.

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