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Matt Catalano

In this short interview clip Matt sits down with the Outex team to talk about Outex; what it is, why he likes it, and how he uses it. Matt is one of the original Outex early adopters and has been using it for years. Matt is originally from New Jersey, USA. His father was an avid traveler, fisherman and amateur photographer and one of the main factors that led Matt into photography and the ocean. Growing up at the beach Matt taught himself how to surf. A good friend of his ended up on a world surfing circuit and they teamed up to create an international surf/bodyboard video around the turn of the millennium. This project and its travels brought...

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Daniel Bommarito

A photographer and creative artist, Daniel’s roots to his passion, culture, and landscape photography originate from Terrasini, Sicily where his great-grandfather, Alessandro Leonardo Bommarito, was born. Alessandro’s life-long pursuit of his dreams of a better life and to produce meaningful work was passed to his son, George, and today the flame of this torch is carried onward by Daniel. A United States Navy Veteran, Daniel was born in Eugene, Oregon. He grew up spending countless days and nights in the frigid cold winters of the Pacific Northwest, and the brutally hot summers of Nevada and Arizona learning about photography, mother nature, and the elements of life. It’s here where he found himself, his creative spirit, and the magic of using a...

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Alexandre Gennari

Alexandre Gennari is a photography veteran, having started professionals in 1997 in sports, fashion, portraiture, urban, and several commercial disciplines (advertising, products, etc.), having been published in each of those areas.  He's a long time Outex underwater housing user and ambassador.His unique professional style has landed his work on the covers and pages of magazines such as Bicycling, Gooutside, Fluir, Hardcore, Alma Surf, Sexy, Trip, Transworld, Site Waves, and a number of other publications such as newspapers, journals, and books.  His work has also been featured on TV, and landed a permanent position with Rocky Mountain Editorial where he manages and produces monthly publications for the company in water sports, surf, fashion, running, and cycling.You may find his commercial work for brands...

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